Captive Seahorses

Browse our selection of Captive Bred Seahorses. All of our larger seahorse species (not Dwarf seahorses) eat frozen Mysis shrimp. Click each item for more detail

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Item photos on this page are stock photos and representative of what each species/variety looks like. There is variation within varieties/species (these are not WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). Seahorse Color is not fixed and changes with lighting, mood and other factors.

We ship Monday-Thursday via UPS Priority Overnight service, flat-rate shipping, $44.99 anywhere in continental US. We need orders in at least one day ahead of when you would like us to ship. Orders can be held for up to a week. If you need a certain delivery day add a note at check out or reply to your order confirmation email with this request. Please make sure someone is home to recieve your livestock order and acclimate them right away. Thank you. 

Special Note: Our larger seahorse production is on hold and we do not have an update on when we may start back up with this production. The owner, Alyssa, has done our seahorse breeding and production and she is currently taking a break from the production side of our business at this time and we are going to be focusing on our other retail offerings and captive bred Dwarf seahorses at this time. We plan to bring in captive bred seahorses from other breeders we work with as they are available but we expect this availability to be very limited. We have also expanded our offerings so please click other tank mates to see if they are recommended seahorse compatible or not if you are considering keeping tank mates with your seahorses. Thank you.