Gorgonians and Sponges

Seahorses are sit and wait predators that have a prehensile tail in which they grasp onto objects also known as"hitching". Gorgonians and sponges make great seahorse hitching posts and rest spots. There are many varities and they can help create a beautiful natural display. These come in many shapes and are sure to add a new deminsion to any display.
All of our corals we offer come from farms and suppliers we are working closely with. They have been quarantined, cared for and monitored at our farm by our staff to ensure high health and quality. All of our coral are safe to keep with our captive bred seahorses. 
Item photos on this page are stock photos and representative of what each species/variety looks like. There is variation within varieties/species (these are not WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) unless specified. Colors vary with lighting and many other factors. 


We ship Monday-Wednesday via UPS Priority Overnight. We need orders in at least one day ahead of when you would like us to ship. Orders can be held for up to a week. If you need a certain delivery day add a note at check out. Thank you.