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Australian Zebra Snout Barbouri Seahorse

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Species: Hippocampus barbouri

This species is known for their beautiful Zebra stripe snout. H. Barbouri have pronounced spines making them have a prickly appearance. Color is generally yellow or beige with some silver saddling markings. The Zebra Snout Seahorse has some of the most intricate markings of the seahorse species. This is a very unique species.

This is a slender seahorse and smaller seahorse variety. They are slow growing. These are approximately 7 months old when they are ready to go home with you. Size is approximately 2.5-3.5 inches and you can expect them to reach 4-6 inches as they mature.

This genetic line of seahorse originates from Australia. In the wild they are actually found on the great barrier reef. These are very exotic seahorses!

The Barbouri seahorse should be kept in its own aquarium. It should not be mixed with other seahorse species. Barbouri seahorses are a delicate variety of seahorse. Please contact us if you have questions about their care. We want you to be successful at keeping these beauties and we are more than happy to help.

See our seahorse care page for more information on the care requirements of our seahorses.