Live Arrival Guarantee


Seahorse Savvy takes great pride in ensuring our lovingly farm-raised seahorses are packaged in the best possible manner and arrive happy and healthy to you. Rest assured, we have been breeding and shipping our seahorses for years and have very high success rates. It is extremely rare for a seahorse to arrive deceased.

We have a Live Arrival Guarantee

Please unpack and acclimate your new seahorses as soon as you receive your order. In the very unlikely event you receive your seahorse DOA (Dead On Arrival) please do the following:

  1. Contact us right away. We must hear from you and receive a photo within two hours of delivery of your order.
  2. Please email photo of deceased animal to

If you qualify for our Live Arrival Guarantee we will either send you a replacement seahorse, put a livestock credit on file, or refund you for the seahorse. You are responsible for the shipping cost of your replacement. Shipping costs are nonrefundable.

Sorry, no returns. This is for Biosecurity reasons at our hatchery and to ensure the well-being of the seahorse since most individuals are not setup for proper shipping.


Exceptions that void our Guarantee:

-Seahorse Savvy is not responsible if there is an error in the provided shipping address.

-Package must be delivered on the first delivery attempt. Please make sure you are home to receive your order. If delivery is not made on the first attempt this voids our guarantee.

-Please follow our acclimation guide. Failure to do so voids our guarantee.

-Seahorse Savvy is not responsible for weather related shipping delays or FedEx shipping malfunctions.

-If you refuse a shipment for any reasons our guarantee is void and you are not eligible for a refund.

Picking up shipments at a FedEx Hold Facility/Ship Center

We are happy to ship your order as a "hold for pickup" at a FedEx authorized Ship Center. This is a great option for those who live in areas with end of day delivery guarantee. This also lessens handling since your seahorses do not have to ride on a delivery truck to arrive to you.

*When picking up your order at a FedEx hold facility you must pickup your order within two hours of it being made available for pickup and before noon. Failure to do so voids our live arrive guarantee.  It is very important to pickup your seahorses right away and acclimate them as soon as you receive your order. Any extra time in the box is unnecessary stress for the animals. 

We do not guarantee the sex, color or markings of a seahorse.

We try our very best to send you the requested sexes. It can take a year or longer to be able to sex a seahorse and is not something we can guarantee. The color of a seahorse is not fixed and can change based on surroundings, diet, lighting, stress, mood, and other unknown factors. Markings can also change with age. We are happy to help make some suggestions on how to encourage your seahorses to display their best colors.

*Please make sure your saltwater aquarium is cycled before adding your seahorses.  If you have any questions about cycling your aquarium please contact us. Please also make sure your water chemistry is within the recommended parameters before adding your seahorses. See our Seahorse Care page for recommended parameters.