Shipping Information

Please Note-Covid 19

We ship our livestock via Priority Overnight anywhere in continental U.S. Our shipping companies extended their delivery guarantee to end of day when Covid 19 first started due to higher volumes of package. This means your package could arrive anytime during the day. Most areas are still getting packages early but they technically have until end of day to deliver despite what tracking information may say. We pack very well and this does not cause any issues with our livestock but may mean you receive your order later in the day. Please make sure your schedule allows you to be home to receive your package the day you expect to receive your order. If you need a certain delivery day just reach out to us and we can help set this up for you. Orders can be held for up to a week from the day they are placed. 



All of our seahorses, tank-mates, and livestock ship from our seahorse hatchery on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. We personally deliver our packages to UPS and FedEx to lessen the handling.

We ship our seahorses via Priority Overnight, flat rate $39.99 for anywhere in continental US. Shipping is available Monday-Thursday.

Saturday Delivery is available in most areas. There is a $20 additional fee for Saturday delivery. Please contact us for Saturday delivery and we can check into this for you.

We ship our seahorses throughout the year. Your seahorses will be safely packed in an insulated box with a heat or ice pack. Our high-quality captive bred seahorses and other livestock handle shipping very well and we only use the best packing methods. We check the weather for the areas your seahorses will travel through. If you are aware of any potential weather issues in your area please let us know and we can plan to ship when your weather improves. 

An acclimation guide will also be provided in your box with your seahorses and livestock.

Hold for Pick-ups at UPS 

Some of our customers prefer to have their orders held at a local UPS Customer Center for pickup rather than having them go out on the truck for delivery. We can help arrange this for you. Please reach out to us before you place your order and we can help arrange this for you. Please do not call UPS and set this up after we ship your order. Any changes to shipping with UPS after the order is dropped off can cause extra delays. We ask that you pickup your order within two hours of it being made available for pickup at UPS for our live arrival guarantee.

We do not ship or sell our seahorses and livestock outside of the United States. Our livestock can not be transported or exported outside of the United States.

If you have any questions or concerns about the delivery of your new seahorses please contact us and we are happy to help.

*Please Note: We are not a retail outlet and do not have a retail location for walk-in visits or shopping. We are a fish hatchery and for bio-security and insurance reasons we only allow our staff in our facility. If you are local and do not want your seahorses shipped please call us at 410-618-3604 or email and we can try to arrange to meet you somewhere for pickup. We generally have a weekly run to BWI airport and if this is near you we maybe able to meet you in that area on a certain day. We are located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. We look forward to hearing from you.

We do not ship or sell our seahorses and livestock outside of the United States. Our livestock can not be transported or exported outside of the United States.