Seahorse Tank-mates (Captive Bred Fish)


Seahorse Savvy is very excited to now offer a variety of 100% captive bred and aquacultured fish. 

All of the fish we offer come from farms we are working closely with. They have been quarantined, cared for and monitored at our farm by our staff to ensure high health and quality. 
All of our fish are safe and friendly to keep with our captive bred seahorses. Since these fish are aquacultured in closed systems like our seahorses chances of pathogens are extremely low, they are use to life in an aquarium, are bold, active and readily eating prepared foods. They are kept at 70-74 F just like our seahorses at our farm but they can be kept at normal tropical temperatures (76-78 F) as well.
Add some personality, variety, and spunk to your aquarium with our new captive bred seahorse tank-mates!! Let's make it so Savvy!
TDO Granulated Feeds now available. This is what we feed our captive bred fish at our farm. Find them here:
Orders can be held for up to a week. We need orders in a day ahead of when you would like us to ship your order for fasting reasons. We ship anywhere in continental U.S. If you need a certain delivery day just add a note when checking out. Feel free to give us call 410-618-3604 or email with any questions, we are happy to help.