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30-45+ Gallon-The Crabs Clean-up Crew Package

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30-45+ Gallon Aquarium Clean-up Crew Package. 

This package includes:

-15 Blue leg hermits (great for eating algae and left over Mysis shrimp, scavengers) 

- 6 Scarlet hermits (Super colorful good size hermit crab)

-6 Polka Dot hermits (also super color and a uncommon species)

-6 Orange Claw Hermit crabs (great for eating red nuisance algae)

-2 Porcelain Crab (Beautiful filter feeders, sure to add personality to you aquarium)

-2 Emerald Crabs (Great for eating algae, leftover food, and known for eating the pest bubble algae)

-2 Ruby Red Mithrax Crabs (like Emerald crabs but red)  

All of our invertebrates are reef safe and safe with our larger species captive bred seahorses (not Dwarf seahorses).

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