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TDO-Chroma Boost (Small) by Reef Nutrition

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TDO-Chroma Boost by Reef Nutrition (Small)
This is what we feed our captive bred fish (not seahorses) in-house. This is the most popular size of the TDO pellet foods and what we recommend for most of our captive bred fish.

TDO Chroma BOOST is a granulated and pelleted fish and coral feed "top-dressed" with Haematococcus (which provides an excellent source of astaxanthin) for vibrant color and superior nutrition.

Recommended for fish 1-2 inch in size. Granule Size is 840-1410 micron.

  • Directions: Feed small amounts every day and only as much as your fish can consume in 2 minutes.  Can be mixed with tank water and target fed to corals, anemones and shrimp, as well.  Can also be used in an auto-feeder.
  • Storage: Refrigerate after opening.  Avoid extreme temperatures and exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Here are some bullet points:
    • Resealable spout to retain maximum freshness and quality
    • Is appropriate for saltwater fish and inverts, as well as freshwater fish and inverts
    • Moisture and oxygen excluded by foil bag and scavenger packets
    • No unwanted fillers or additives
    • Contains only the necessary ingredients for healthy fish, high growth rate and bright colors
    • State of the art pellet formulation keeps your tank clean and clear
    • High quality fishmeal protein for easy digestion and feed conversion
    • Beneficial for all life stages
    • Professional hatchery feed at an affordable price
    • Careful handling and prompt distribution with constant refrigeration maximizes freshness for up to 1 year or more

Shipping is via UPS Ground, flat-rate $10.00 or add to your livestock order and we will add it to your box (no additional shipping charge).