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Orange Colored Giraffe Serpent Starfish

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This is for a single colored Giraffe Serpent Starfish, Ophioderma sp. Orange color variety. 

Size: ~2-5+ inches. This species reaches ~3-6+ inches with maturity. Orange in color, shade of orange color can vary.

These hardy starfish are great for eating leftover food in the aquarium. This color varieties is less common and really unique! They are gorgeous! As the name indicates, these unique serpent starfish have giraffe coloring and/or markings on their limbs. Patterns vary and each one is individually unique. Some display more patterning than others, individuals vary. They typically reside in the sandbed under the rocks and come out during feeding time. These are great scavengers. In a 30 gallon aquarium we recommend 1-3 serpent starfish to give you a general stocking idea. They are safe to keep with our captive bred seahorses and pretty neat looking! Colors and patterns vary. These are compatible with other serpent starfish as well. 

We recommend a slow 30 minute to one hour drip acclimation for all of our starfish. 

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