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Sandbed Clean-up Crew Package

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30-60 Gallon Aquarium Clean-up Crew Package. 

This package includes:


-15 Nassarius Snails (great for eating leftover Mysis shrimp)

-10 Blue leg hermits (great for eating algae and left over Mysis shrimp, scavengers)

-2 Peppermints Shrimp (great for eating leftover Mysis shrimp, scavengers and also know for eating the pest Aiptasia)

-10 Cerith snails (great for eating algae and detritus)

-1 Sea Cucumber (Great for filter feeding the sandbed and eating detritous)

- 1 Fighting Conch (Great for sifting the sand and eating algae)


All of our invertebrates are reef safe and safe with our captive bred seahorses.

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