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Daum's Purple Claw Reef Lobster

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Daum's Purple Claw Reef Lobster, Enoplometopus daumi.

Size: ~2.5-3+inches. They will reach up to ~2-2.5 inches.

These stunning decorator lobster that will add a lot of diversity and personality to the aquarium. This is an easy to keep decorative lobster.  They are considered semi-aggressive and not a species we recommend keeping with seahorses or small docile fish. It is possible for them to be aggressive towards other small invertebrates in the aquarium but they tend to leave them alone. This is a great species for a species dedicated aquarium for someone looking for something unique and fun to keep. They are vivid purple and orange in coloration with varying patterns and spots throughout their body. This species roams at night and likes to have caves and rockwork to hide in. This species is best housed singly.

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