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Pencil Urchin-Small (Amazing Algae Eaters)

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This is for a Pencil Urchin, Eucidaris tribuloides. Amazing Algae Eaters

Size: ~0.75-2+ inches, size varies. Small.

These hardy urchins are great for eating undesirable algae off the rock and glass in the aquarium. This is the only variety of urchin we recommend keeping with seahorses. While peaceful, other species that have sharp spines can injure seahorses when the seahorse grabs on and hitches to them. Seahorses grab onto everything in the aquarium so it important to make sure you have safe tank-mates with them. This variety has thick spins and they are not sharp making them safe to keep with our larger species of seahorses (anything but Dwarf seahorse, H. zosterae).  In a 30 gallon aquarium we recommend 1-2 pencil urchins to give you a general stocking idea. They are safe to keep with our captive bred seahorses and really neat looking! Colors and patterns vary.  They are hardy and easy to keep.

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