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Olive Snail-Known for Eating Bristleworms

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Olive Snail-Known for eating Bristleworms!

Size: ~1.5-2 inches

These hardy snails are great for eating leftover meaty food such as Mysis shrimp in the aquarium. They are also one invertebrate for saltwater aquariums known for eating bristleworms! These snails also eat detritus and decaying organics. Olive snails are great clean up crew in a seahorse aquarium and we highly recommend them.  This is a stockier snail species. Their shells are neat looking too! They hide in the sand-bed and come out when they smell food. In a 30 gallon aquarium we recommend up to 3-5+ of these snails to give you a general stocking idea. They are completely safe with our captive bred seahorses. 

A common misconception is these snails eat other snails. We do not experience this at all with this species. They will scavenge dead snails which is where this misconception comes from. They are safe to keep with our other invertebrates and seahorses.

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