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Tiger Pistol Shrimp (Pairs with Gobies)

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Tiger Pistol Shrimp-Alpheus bellus

These stunning small decorator shrimp add a lot of diversity and personality to the aquarium. They have unique gorgeous markings. These shrimp are known to form a symbiotic relationship with some species of gobies. They reside in the sand bed in the aquarium. They are easy to keep and will eat meaty food such as Mysis shrimp, pellet foods, and a variety of other prepared foods. 

Size: ~1-2 inches. They will reach up to ~2-2.5 inches.

Pistol shrimp are peaceful and can be kept with larger varieties of seahorses such as H. erectus. We recommend keeping them singly or as a mated pair. Having plenty of liverock and sand is important for them to create their borrow. 

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