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NEW Blueface Tilefish (Large Size)

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Aquarium Conditioned-Blueface Tilefish, Hoplolatilus starcki.

Size: ~5-6 inches, reach ~5-6+ inches with maturity.

We are excited to offer Blueface Tilefish. In the aquarium they often will hang out in the open. These are a larger fish and require a deep sand-bed such as 3 or more inches. This species will stress if not given proper conditions. We recommend a 75-90+ gallon or larger aquarium size for this species. They can be housed multiples together, especially when introduced at the same time. This species is very jumpy and startles easily, a cover on the aquarium is an absolute must. We recommend these go to an experience keeper familiar with their unique care requirements.

They are eating frozen Mysis shrimp, frozen LRS nano blend and live enriched brine shrimp for us.

Our Aquarium Conditioned fish are quarantined and observed at our aquaculture facility before offered for sale. We prophylactically deworm all our fish as well as run an anti-parasitic treatment on all of our fish.  Our Aquarium Conditioned fish are trained to eat small pellets such as PE pellets, TDO pellets, frozen Mysis shrimp, Calanus, and more. 

We recommend housing only one or a pair of this species in the same tank. They are peaceful fish and friendly to keep with our larger species of captive bred seahorses such as H. erectus. 

Give us a call 410-618-3604 or send us an email: if you have any questions. We are happy to help!