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Saltwater Conditioned Silver Sailfin Molly-Male (Great Algae Eaters!)

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Saltwater acclimated Silver Sailfin Molly (Poecilia latipinna) Single Male -Amazing algae eaters in saltwater aquariums!

Size ~1.5-2+” inches

This is for a single male Molly.

These are amazing algae eaters in the aquarium and love hair algae!

The Silver Sailfin Molly is a domesticated variety of the Poecilia latipinna  This variety has a silver platinum sheen that glows and can grow up to 3-4” long. The males have a large extended dorsal fin in which they use to attract females and show dominance over other males. Females do not have a extended dorsal fin.  Our Mollies are all acclimated and conditioned to live in SALTWATER.

Poecilia latipinna are native to the Southeast United States and Texas. They are found in a variety of freshwater, brackish and marine habitats. The marine habitats they live in encompass estuaries, lagoons, mangroves and sometimes on the reefs. P. latipinna can complete their entire life cycles in marine, brackish and freshwater.


The diet of Silver Sailfin Molly includes algae and small invertebrates, and, in the aquarium, they will eat Mysis shrimps, flakes and small pellets and will pick algae off the rocks and decoration.  Mollies are great at eating nuisance hair algae. They fertilize internally and give birth to live young. They have a gestation of 3-5 weeks depending on temperature. They can be kept in a range of temperature from 70F-80F. These make great, unique and peaceful additions to any marine or seahorse aquarium and love to dwell on the surface. They can be kept as singles or in groups. We recommend keeping a sex ratio of one to two female per male.

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