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Coralline Covered Cerith Snail-Eat Algae and Detritous (Popular)

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This is for a single Coralline Covered Cerith snail

These hardy snails are great for eating algae and are popular for eating detritous in the aquarium.  They will really help keep the sandbed and aquarium clean. Unlike our regular Cerith Snail variety, these come with gorgeous desirable coralline algae on their shells. Not only are they pretty with their puple coloring, these are great for seeding both new and established aquarium with desirable coralline algae. These snails are native to the Caribbean. We recommend up to 1-2 of these snails per gallon in the aquairum to give you a general stocking idea.

This species is nocturnal and most active at night. During the day they will often find a spot and not move a lot so do not be alarmed if they do not come out right away when you first get them into your aquarium.

Reef Safe: These snails are peaceful invertebrates and considered reef safe meaning they are not known for harming other inverts, corals or fish in the aquarium.  

For our seahorse customers these are safe to keep with larger seahorse species such as H. erectus as well as Dwarf seahorses, H. zosterae.

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