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Aquarium Conditioned-Christmas Wrasse

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Aquarium Conditioned-Christmas Wrasse, Halichoeres ormatissimus.

Size: ~2.5-3.5+ inches. They will reach up to ~3-4.5+ inches with maturity

We are excited to offer Christmas Wrasses. This colorful wrasse is a hardy species. They are closely related to the Melenarus wrasse, which we also carry. They are best known for eating pest including undesirable flatworms, pyramidellid snails that can go after Tridacnid clams in the aquarium, and possibly parasites off of fish. They do not pick at corals but they are considered reef safe with caution as they may also eat decorative small shrimp species (sexy shrimp, Pedersen shrimp, ect), small Feather Dusters, and possibly small snails or hermit crabs. It is important to keep them well feed which is not a problem in a seahorse aquarium that is being feed a lot. If underfed they maybe more likely to pick at invertebrates such as small hermit crabs.  We are feeding them a variety of TDO pellets, PE Pellets, frozen Mysis shrimp, frozen Calanus, LRS frozen nano blend and a variety of other foods at our farm. These must have a sand-bed.

Our Aquarium Conditioned fish are quarantined and observed at our aquaculture facility before offered for sale. We prophylactically deworm all our fish as well as run an anti-parasitic treatment on all of our fish.  

We recommend a 50 gallon minimum aquarium size for a Christmas wrasse. This species does best singly or as a male and female pair. A sandbed is a must with this species. They will go into the sandbed at night and during parts of the day. If your aquarium is bare-bottom and you want to keep this species you can sometimes add a tupperware container with sand (perhaps hidden behind the rockwork) and this can work for them too. 


We recommend housing this species singly or as a bonded pair. They are peaceful fish and friendly to keep with our captive bred seahorses. 

Give us a call 410-618-3604 or send us an email: if you have any questions. We are happy to help!