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NEW 30-45 Gallon Algae Clean-up Crew Package

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30-45 Gallon Algae Clean-up Crew Package

This package includes a wide variety of scavenger inverts to help eat unwanted algae in your seahorse aquarium. Having a diversity of clean-up crew will help keep unwanted algae, uneaten food and waste out of the aquarium. Leftover food will spoil and can lead to high nasty bacterial counts, could make your seahorses sick if they ate a piece of spoiled food, and needs to be kept out. Having lots of algae eaters helps breakdown the algae in the aquarium for your filtration to remove it easier. This is one of our favorite invert packages for larger seahorse species aquariums (H. erectus and more) . 

This package includes:

-12 Orange Claw Hermit Crabs

-12 Blue Leg Hermit Crabs

-1 Baby Ragged Sea Hare 

-3 Emerald Crabs

-15 Astrea Snails

-12 Cerith Snails

-4 Chestnut Turbo Snails 

All of our invertebrates are reef safe and safe with our larger species captive bred seahorses (not Dwarf seahorses).

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