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Yellow Polyp Sinularia Leather Coral (Sinularia sp.)-ORA Aquacultured

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This is for a single ORA Aquacultured Yellow Polyp Sinularia Leather Coral (Sinularia sp.)

Size: ~1.5-3 inches

Lighting: moderate to high light

Water flow: moderate to higher water flow

The ORA Yellow Polyp Sinularia leather coral is a thick finger like stalks grow upwards from a wide, stocky base. The numerous yellow polyps give this coral a very fuzzy appearance. Depending on the lighting spectrum used, the colors can vary from shades of yellow to a light green. Fast growing and tolerant of a wide range of aquarium conditions.

It is important to give corals their own space in the aquarium. We recommend giving them at least 2-3+ inches of their own space so they do not sting or irritate other corals. This will also give them room to grow in the aquarium.

This coral variety is peaceful and considered safe with our larger species (not Dwarf seahorses) of seahorses. 

Like our captive bred seahorses, we recommend using RODI water when mixing your saltwater. Corals can be sensitive to improper water quality. We recommend the same water parameters we do for our captive bred seahorses and fish.

Find water parameter chart here:

Please note: Coral color and appearance varies. Differences in light, glass, water parameters, and many other factors can influence how a coral appears so it may appear different in your aquarium. Many coral species will "close up" during shipping and can take a day or up to a week or more to open. This is normal and expected when you receive them. 

If you have any questions please reach out to us. We are happy to help. Email: Phone: 410-618-3604.