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Cluster Duster Mini Colony

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This is for a cluster of Cluster Mini Feather Duster tube worms. Cluster of small Feather Dusters.

Size: ~1.5-2.5 inches cluster of Feather mini Feather dusters. Colors, sizes and patterns vary.

These are a Polychaete tube worms. They have a unique filter feeding crown and look really neat in the aquarium. These are great for adding diversity and creating that natural reef or lagoon environment in your aquarium. They are best placed on the rock work and they will attach themselves to the rock with time. These do best in an established aquarium. Feather dusters are safe to keep with our captive bred seahorses. We recommend moderate water flow.

They can be placed on the sandbed or the rockwork in the aquarium. They will attach their tube to the rocks after some time if placed in the rockwork. 

We recommend feeding using AlgaeGen PhycoPure products available on the Dry Goods page of our website for feeding them.

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