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Branching Purple Coralline Algae

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This is for a branching Purple Coralline algae. Gorgeous and highly sought after.

Size: ~1-3+ inches, cluster.

Lighting: moderate to higher light

Water flow: moderate to higher water flow

Macroalgae's are great in a seahorse aquarium. These are bright red and sure to add pop and color to your display. These are safe to keep with our captive bred seahorses. 


Like our captive bred seahorses, we recommend using RODI water when mixing your saltwater. Corals, macroalgae and other saltwater live animals can be sensitive to improper water quality. We recommend the same water parameters we do for our captive bred seahorses and fish.

Find water parameter chart here:

Please note: Color and appearance varies. Differences in light, glass, water parameters, and many other factors can influence how a specimen appears so it may appear different in your aquarium.

If you have any questions please reach out to us. We are happy to help. Email: Phone: 410-618-3604.