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Aquarium Conditioned-Red Firefish (Popular)

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Aquarium Conditioned-Red Firefish Goby, Nemateleotris magnificaLubang locale.

We are excited to offer Red Firefish gobies. These are one of the most popular marine aquarium fish. They have bold coloration and a unique shape with their high fin. This goby species swims out in the open and will often find a spot in the rocks to hide at night. They are peaceful fish and active. Like all gobies, these are full of personality. This is a hardy species. We are feeding them a variety of TDO pellets, PE Pellets, frozen Mysis shrimp, frozen Calanus, LRS frozen nano blend and a variety of other foods at our farm. 

Our Aquarium Conditioned fish are quarantined and observed at our aquaculture facility before offered for sale. We prophylactically deworm all our fish as well as run an anti-parasitic treatment on all of our fish.  

Size: ~2-2.5 inches. They will reach up to ~3 inches with maturity.

We recommend housing this species singly, paired or in a group. If kept as a pair or group it is best to add them to the aquarium at the same time. They are peaceful fish and friendly to keep with our captive bred seahorses. They are jumpy so we highly recommend having a cover over your aquarium.

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