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Aquarium Conditioned-Spotted Garden Eel

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Aquarium Conditioned-Garden Eel, Heteroconger hassi.

Size: ~4-6+ inches. They will reach up to ~4-8+ inches with maturity.

We are excited to offer garden eels. These beautiful small eels are elegant and amazing to watch in the aquarium. They like to create a burrow in the sand so a deep sand-bed at least 6-8 inches deep or more is required for this species. This is a great species if you are looking for something unique and different. They have great personality and are a ton of fun to keep! A sand-bed is a must with this species and they are very jumpy so a cover over your aquarium is a must when housing these. 

SPECIAL NOTE: This is a specialized species and they should go to a keeper familiar with their unique care with an established aquarium. They are not a beginner species.

We are feeding them live enriched brine shrimp, frozen Mysis shrimp and a variety of other frozen goods.

Our Aquarium Conditioned fish are quarantined and observed at our aquaculture facility before offered for sale. We prophylactically deworm all our fish as well as run an anti-parasitic treatment on all of our fish.  

We recommend housing this species as a pair or even better, in a group. They are peaceful fish and friendly to keep with our captive bred seahorses. 

Give us a call 410-618-3604 or send us an email: if you have any questions. We are happy to help!