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Encrusting Gorgonian-Photosynthetic

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This is for a single Encrusting Gorgonian, Erythropodium caribaeorum.

Size: ~1.5-3+ inches, sizes vary

This is a unique Gorgonian coral. It is one of our favorites at the farm. Unlike our other branching Gorgonians, this variety actually encrust on the rock in the aquarium. This Gorgonian has large polyps and is sure to add diversity to your aquascape. Color varies with individuals, lighting and other factors. Gorgonians are a perfect addition to seahorse aquariums. This is a photosynthetic species and easy to keep.

We recommend moderate to high lighting and water flow. They are safe to keep with our captive bred seahorses and will not sting them. All corals should have their own space in the aquarium, you do not want them touching other corals and to be safe give them a few inches minimum apart from other corals. We recommend the same water parameters as we do our captive bred seahorses.

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