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Orange Pistol Shrimp-Pair (Popular)

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Orange Pistol Shrimp-Alpheus spp Pair.

These stunning decorator shrimp add a lot of diversity and personality to the aquarium. They have beautiful blue and orange coloring. This is a Caribbean pistol shrimp species. They reside in the sand bed in the aquarium. They are easy to keep and will eat meaty food such as Mysis shrimp, pellet foods, and a variety of other prepared foods. 

Size: ~1.25-2 inches. They will reach up to ~2-2.5 inches.

Pistol shrimp are peaceful and can be kept with larger varieties of seahorses such as H. erectus. We recommend keeping them singly or as a mated pair. Having plenty of liverock and sand is important for them to create their borrow. 

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