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NEW ARRIVAL Pacific Algae Eating Sea Hare

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This is for a Algae Eating Sea Hare, Dolabella auricularia

Size: ~1.5-4 inches, size varies. 

These seahares are great for eating algae in the aquarium and they are super adorable. They are one of the few aquarium inverts that will eat the undesirable hair algae as well as other nusance algae. In a 30 gallon aquarium we recommend 1 sea hare to give you a general stocking idea. They do a very good job at cleaning up the tank and if you find they do not have algae left to graze we recommend feeding them nori. They eat a lot. They are safe to keep with our captive bred seahorses and really neat looking! Colors, size and patterns vary.  

**Special Note: We highly recommend housing sea hares in an aquarium with a protein skimmer. If they are startled they can ink in the aquarium. This does not happen often but it is a possibility. If you have a protein skimmer and run carbon this will pull the ink out quickly. We have never had any issues when this happens with other stock in the aquarium. 

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