Rinsing Your Frozen Mysis Shrimp for your Seahorses

Rinsing Your Frozen Mysis shrimp for your Seahorses

It's always good husbandry to rinse your frozen Mysis shrimp before feeding it to your Seahorses.

The first photo is a 1/2 pound of thawed Mysis shrimp. You can see how cloudy the water is from small particles. The second photo is after we rinsed the Mysis shrimp. You can see the water is clear. Rinsing your frozen Mysis shrimp before feeding to your Seahorses will help keep your aquarium much cleaner over time. This is a step we NEVER skip.

To rinse we thaw the Mysis in cool water. Then we pour through a brine shrimp net and gently rinse under cold water. After its rinsed we are ready to feed. We also rinse our brine shrimp net with hot soapy water after every use to prevent nasty bacteria from growing on it. It's very simple and helps tremendously with keeping our systems clean.

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