Seahorse Savvy Piebald Seahorse Gallery and Info

Below is a collection of photos of Seahorse Savvy captive bred Piebald Erectus seahorses. What makes a seahorse "piebald" is the lack of pigmentation on different areas of the seahorses body. In our stock this shows as patches of white or sliver. Some are very extreme being mostly piebald in coloration and some individuals have very little piebald markings. They are all unique. These are all captive bred seahorses we have raised over the years from our breeding stock at our Maryland seahorse farm. Piebald seahorses are very uncommon. We are lucky if we get 1-3 Piebald seahorses in a batch of many hundreds of seahorses. Often times we get none in a batch. 


There is not a lot of research done on piebald coloration in seahorses. Since seahorses have the ability to also change coloration this make us think it is complex. We do think more than likely this is a genetic trait, likely recessive. They can shift color some as they mature. This is individually based. We hope to continue working with them from piebald individuals we have selected to add to our breeding program to learn more about them in the future. 

Are you looking for something unique and different to add to your captive bred seahorse collection? If so, these are for you! If you are interested in adding one of our Piebald seahorses to your captive bred seahorse collection send us an email at and we can let you know availability. Thank you!


Seahorse Savvy Captive Bred Piebald Erectus Seahorses