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Staghorn Hermit Crab

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This is for a single Staghorn Hermit Crab, Manucomplanus varians.

Size is approximately ~1 inch.

The staghorn hermit crab is a unique invert that makes its way into the hobby every so often. They have a unique branching shell which is actually a hydroid. The hydroid itself requires quite a bit of food.  The hermit crab itself is a very hardy organism, but the shell it resides in isn't quite as hardy. These will fare better if they are housed in tanks that are fed well. The hydroid will feed on small planktonic matter and will actually grow with the hermit crab over the course of its life if kept healthy. Do keep in mind if this crab falls or gets stuck upside down it may need help righting itself right side up. These hermit crabs are safe with our captive bred seahorses.

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