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PhycoPure-Reef Blend (Live Micro-algae) 8 oz

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PhycoPure Reef Blend-8 oz (250 mL)-Live Micro-algae specifically blended for modern reef tanks by AlgaeGen.

Must ship Priority Overnight, flat rate $39.99. Can be combined with any other livestock orders. 

PhycoPure™ Reef Blend- Live micro-algae specifically blended for modern reef tanks. Contains no preservatives and zooxanthellae. 

Keep refrigerated upon arrival.

Ingredients include T. iso, Rhodomonalens, Pavlova, Nannochloropsis, Chaetoceros, Thalassiosria, weissflogii, Zooxanthellae b, Micromonas, Synechococcus.

Feeding instructions: Whenever possible it is best to spot feed corals and filter feeding inverts from a small syringe or baster. Great results will happen from feeding at a rate of 1 tsp (5 mL) per 10 gal every other day. Agitate frequently.


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