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PhycoPure-Copepod Blend (Live Micro-algae) 8 oz

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PhycoPure Copepod Blend-8 oz (250 mL)-Live Micro-algae specifically for Copepods by AlgaeGen

Must ship Priority Overnight, flat rate $39.99. Can be combined with any other livestock orders. 

PhycoPure™ CopePod Blend-Copepods do not eat all types of phytoplankton. In fact, there are specific types of phyto that are best for POD growth. This is live micro-algae specifically blended for culturing copepods. This blend of Phyto is also GREAT for clams too. 

Keep refrigerated upon arrival.

Feeding instructions: When feeding directly to a display tank, add 1 cap full per 10 gallons directly to the reef tank or refugium.

When culturing copepods in a separate jar or tank where copepods are being cultured feed 2-6 teaspoons (10-30 mL) per gallon (4 L) per day. Copepods will consume this microalgae quickly and will turn the water clear. Over or under feeding can effect the growth of the copepods so strive to maintain a very light tint to the water by feeding smaller doses more often.


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