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ORA Captive Bred-Watcman Goby

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ORA Captive Bred Watchman Goby-Crytocentrus cinctus

We are excited to offer watchman gobies. These gobies are eating small pellets such as PE pellets, TDO pellets, frozen Mysis shrimp, Calanus, and more. These are captive bred by ORA. 

Size: ~1-1.5 inches. They will reach up to 3 inches with maturity. Colors vary (can be beige, light, gray or golden).

We recommend housing them individually or as a pair. Since these individuals are captive bred and a young age you can add two at one time and as they mature they will pair up and you will likely end up with a male and female pair. They are peaceful fish and friendly to keep with our captive bred seahorses. These fish are very hardy. It is best to have a cover on your aquarium as they can be jumpy!

They are known for forming a symbiotic relationship with Pistol shrimp. We recommend having sand in your aquarium for them (not a bare bottom aquarium). 

Give us a call 410-618-3604 or send us an email: if you have any questions. We are happy to help!