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ORA Captive Bred-Pink Elongate Dottyback (small species)

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ORA captive bred Elongate Dottyback, Pseudochromis elongatus, a small Dottyback species.

We are excited to offer captive bred Elongate Dottybacks by ORA. This strikingly colorful Dottyback species is a rarely imported species. They only reach ~2 inches. This coveted species appears to be considerably less aggressive than most of the other dottyback species that ORA raises and for this reason should be fine with larger captive bred seahorses if you plan to keep them in your seahorse tank. As with any fish or tank mate, keep an eye on them for aggression but we expect these to be fine with our larger captive bred seahorses.  

Our ORA captive bred Elongate Dottybacks are 100% aquacultured and trained to eat small pellets such as PE pellets, TDO pellets, frozen Mysis shrimp, Calanus, and more. We recommend only housing one individual of this species in the aquarium as they are typically aggressive towards their own species as well as other dottyback species. 

This unique species is known only from Sulawesi and the Molucca Islands of Indonesia.

Size: ~2 inches.

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