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Biota Captive Bred-Green Mandarin Dragonette

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Captive Bred Green Mandarin Dragonette-Synchiropus slendidus

We are super excited to offer captive bred Green Mandarin Dragonettes by Biota!!! These stunning Mandarins are 100% aquacultured and trained to eat small pellets such as PE pellets, TDO pellets, shaved frozen Mysis shrimp, Calanus, live enriched baby Artemia nauplii, live and frozen copepods and more. A varied diet is highly recommended. It is very important they get plenty to eat. We recommend feeding them 2-3 times daily, this is especially important while they are young. We only have a small number available at this time. They have a ton of personality! Awesome coloring too!

We are offering them singly or as a unsexed pair. These are not old enough for us to sex at this time. 

Size: ~0.75-1 inch. They will reach up to 3-4 inches with maturity.

We recommend housing them individually or two. They are peaceful fish and friendly to keep with our captive bred seahorses. It is best to have a cover on your aquarium as they can be jumpy! We highly recommend keeping them in an established aquarium with lots of live rock for them to graze on copepods even though they will also eat prepared foods. We recommend having sand in your aquarium for them (not a bare bottom aquarium). 

Give us a call 410-618-3604 or send us an email: if you have any questions. We are happy to help!