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Brazilian Reidi x Erectus Hybrid Seahorse (LARGE)

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Very Limited Availability

Species: Hippocampus Reidi x Erectus

Limited time availability! It is very difficult for us to produce these beautiful hybrid seahorses. We only raise a batch or two a year if we are lucky since production is very sporadic with our pairs we use to produce these. If you have been thinking about adding these to your herd, don't wait! This is our only batch. Once this batch sells out we do not know when they will become available again. Don't miss out on these exceptional beauties! 

Our Hybrid seahorses are by far the most colorful seahorses we produce! With the hardiness of the Erectus seahorse and the elegance of the Brazilian Reidi these are impressive. Our hybrid seahorses are large, robust, and full of personality. Size is approximately 3-4 inches when they are ready to go home with you. You can expect the hybrid seahorse to reach 7-9 inches making the largest seahorse we produce! These are great seahorses for a beginner and can be kept with our Reidi and Erectus seahorses as well.

There is a lot of variation with the markings of the hybrids seahorse. Some have spots, common to the Reidi seahorse. Others have spots and silver saddling. Saddling generally is not very heavy like that of the Erectus seahorse. Some are solid color. Silver tail-bands are present on most individuals. If you have specific request on markings just let us know.

Breeding: This hybrid cross is not known to be able to reproduce with another hybrid. A hybrid breeding back to the parent species (Reidi or Erectus) has been observed. These are great for the hobbyist who wants to keep both sexes together but does not want to rear fry. Courting behavior is still common.

All of our captive bred seahorses are very healthy, active, friendly and full of personality. Our seahorses are trained to eat frozen Mysis shrimp from a young age. We recommend feeding our seahorses Hikari BioPure Mysis shrimp and PE Mysis shrimp twice daily. Seahorses are very social animals and do best when kept paired or in a group.

Please see our Seahorse Info page to learn more about the care of our seahorses.