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Brazilian Reidi Seahorse-Single Female

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This is for a single Brazilian Reidi seahorse Female, H. reidi. VERY LIMITED AVAILABILITY 

Species: Hippocampus reidi

Our captive bred Reidi seahorses are elegant. These slender seahorses can reach 9 inches in length! Size when they are ready to go home with you is approximately 3-4 inches. Colors are typically yellow, beige, or orange. Markings vary and can consist of spots, silver saddling, and tail-bands. Some individuals are solid color. Markings tend to develop with maturity.

We generally do not recommmend mixing seahorse species in the same aquarium. One exception is our Reidi and Erectus seahorses. We have kept these two species together for years on our farm with no issues. We have many customers who have been successful with keeping theses two species together. They are beautiful and we do not expect them to be available very long. We only have this batch currently.

Our genetic line of Reidi seahorse originates from Brazil.

Breeding: Reidi seahorses are among the most difficult to raise of the seahorse species. Fry are very little and often require copepods as a first food. Reidi are slow growing. Reidi can give birth up 1000 fry every two weeks.

All of our captive bred seahorses are very healthy, active, friendly and full of personality. Our seahorses are trained to eat frozen Mysis shrimp from a young age. We recommend feeding our seahorses Hikari BioPure Mysis shrimp and PE Mysis shrimp twice daily. Seahorses are very socials animals. They do best when kept paired or in a group.

Please see our Seahorse Info page to learn more about the care of our seahorses.