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AlgaeGen-Coral Smoothie-8 oz

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AlgaeGen Coral Smoothie-8 oz (250 mL) Coral Food.

Must ship Priority Overnight, flat rate $39.99. Can be combined with any other livestock orders. 

Keep refrigerated upon arrival.


Ingredients include: Microalgae (9 species), Artemia nauplii, copepods, rotifers, clam larvae, oyster larvae, oyster eggs and tissue, hyrdolyzed vegetable and protein, fish eggs, decapsulated artemia cysts, copepod eggs, mussel, and squid.

Recommended Application: 1st: Rinse off the bottle with a small amount of tank water or DI water to remove any shipping debris or chemicals.

2nd: Shake bottle vigorously.

3rd: Remove cap and submerge bottle above, near, or up-current from the target coral. Gently squeeze. If the bottle is kept underwater after squeezing  water may get sucked back in, diluting contents-not a big deal. It is recommended 1-2 feedings per day, several times per week. It is best to turn the protein skimmer off during and after feeding for a short period of time.

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