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3 Pack Special-Blue Porcelain Crabs

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This is for a 3 Package Deal of Blue Porcelain Crabs, Petrolisthes sp.

Size Range: These small crab speciesa are approximately 0.5-2 inches. This species reaches approximately ~1-2+ inches with maturity.

These hardy crabs are great scavengers and filter feeders in the aquarium. Their filter feeding behavior is unique and very interesting to observe in the aquairum. These vary a lot in color and patterns, they are each unique. In a 30 gallon aquarium we recommend 1-6 of these crabs to give you a general stocking idea.  These are also really pretty and sure to add some diversity to your home aquarium. They mostly hang out on the rocks. This is a unique and fun species for our customers keeping Caribbean themed aquariums as well as they are native to the Caribbean.  

Reef Safe: These crabs are peaceful invertebrates and considered reef safe meaning they are not known for harming other inverts, corals or fish in the aquarium. They are also generally peaceful with kept with more then one of their own species in the aquiarum. 

For our seahorse keeping customers, these are safe to keep with larger seahorse species such as H. erectus seahorses. 

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