Brine Shrimp Enrichment

Brine Shrimp Enrichment

  • $19.99

This is for 30 grams of our in-house brine shrimp enrichment. 


If you are not ordering seahorses please contact us for FedEx Ground delivery ($10.00 shipping), otherwise your enrichment will ship with your seahorse order.

Enriching (feeding) your bbs will make them much more nutritious for your Dwarf seahorses or growing seahorse fry. We enrich our bbs with our own in house enrichment formulated specifically for raising seahorse fry and maintaining Dwarf seahorses. We highly recommend this step as bbs by themselves are not very nutritious. Our in house enrichment was developed by our staff and is what all of our seahorse fry are raised on at our farm as well as our Dwarf seahorses. 

Our enrichment is a formulated mixture of different dry algae, vitamins, probiotics and more. This is what we raise all of our seahorse fry on in house. 

Please refrigerate upon arrival.

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